We are a family business that focuses on designing and producing the best Wall Beds in the GTA and Southern Ontario. We love to mix styles like modern and classic or industrial and glam-chic to give you a wall bed design that compliments you and your lifestyle.

ECO Specialties

about us

At Ecowallbeds, we are committed to creating products that compliment our Wall Beds and gives you an array of design possibilities to make your space more enjoyable and functional without compromising or loosing foot print on your house, condo, office, cottage, etc.

"The Desk Bed"

"The Studio Desk"

"The Companion Sofa" 

"The Cabinet Desk" 

They are all already in production.

"The Murphy Door" , "The Library Bed"

Ready anytime you need it. Custom made.


upcoming Products

The Alpha-Bed

Either Vertically or Horizontally installed, these beds are the most durable and fashionable Wall Beds in the Industry. They are designed to provide a comfortable sleeping environment anywhere a bed is required or in other cases where regular beds would not be possible. 
The Alpha-Bed's are space saving wall beds that tilt into a cabinet that takes up only 16" of floor space.


The Next-Bed

We are proud to be introducing the NEXT BED™ to the market because it is the most modern and efficient design the Wall-Bed Industry has seen yet.
Smallest Footprint of any Wallbed - Less than 16” with a standard mattress!.